Professor Rod Gow
12, Science Lecture Building, UCD, Belfield
Phone: +353-1-716-2575
Department of Mathematics
NUI Dublin

Research Interests:

  • Character theory of finite groups.
  • Modular representations of finite groups.
  • Integral lattices.
  • The Schur index.
  • Bilinear forms.
  • Finite fields and polynomials.
  • Difference sets.
  • History of 19th century mathematics.


On the existence of special types of p-blocks in p-solvable groups. PDF

Characters of pi-separable groups induced by characters of large Schur index. PDF

George Boole and the development of probability theory. PDF

The Steinberg lattice of a finite Chevalley group. PDF

The quadratic type of certain irreducible modules for the symmetric group in characteristic 2 . PDF

A correspondence of conjugacy classes in certain extensions of algebraic groups. PDF

Central difference sets in certain non-abelian 2--groups. PDF

On the vanishing of subspaces of alternating bilinear forms. PDF

George Salmon 1819-1904: his mathematical work and influence. PDF

Life and work of Provost George Salmon FRS 1819-1904: a lecture by Roderick Gow 6 April 2005 PDF

First Year Modular Degree Mathematics (Combinatorics and Number Theory)

The lecture notes and problem sheets will be available here as the course progresses.

Chapter 1 PDF

Chapter 2 PDF

Chapter 3 PDF

Problem sheet 1 PDF

Problem sheet 2 PDF

Problem sheet 3 PDF

Problem sheet 4 PDF

Problem sheet 5 PDF

Homework solutions 1 PDF

Homework solutions 2 PDF

Homework solutions 3 PDF

Homework solutions 4 PDF

Summer Tutorials in Science July 11--29 2005

The departments of Experimental Physics and Mathematics propose to run tutorials in Pass Mathematics and Experimental Physics (but not Biophysics) to assist students in the August repeat examinations. The tutorials begin on 11 July and run until 29 July. Further days of lectures may be arranged after 2 August. At least 18 hours of lectures will be given in each tutorial subject. Please note that the repeat examinations begin on 8 August 2005 and one mathematics paper is likely to be taken fairly soon after that date (exact details to be confirmed).

The cost of enrolment for either tutorial subject is 50 euro. On payment of an additional 30 euro, students may submit homework problems in mathematics for correction and assessment. The fee represents good value given the number of tutorial classes and the opportunity to gain individual attention. The tutorials have run for many years and have been very successful in assisting students. However, they are not miracle cures and not everyone can expect to pass their examinations merely by attending a few classes. Student who cannot attend the first few tutorials because of previous commitments are welcome to attend whenever time permits them (although they must attempt to catch up on the missing lectures to obtain full value from the intensive lectures).

Further details and an application form may be printed off from this site (see below). As the course progresses, homework problems, past exam papers, occasional news will be added to this page. For a summary of information relating to the Math1200 course, including brief lecture notes, go to Math1200 home webpage.

Details of Tutorials PDF

Application Form PDF

Exam Questions to Study PDF

Homework Problems 1 PDF

Homework Problems 2 PDF

Homework Problems 3 PDF

Homework Problems 4 PDF

Master's Degree Representation Theory Course P314

The lecture notes and problem sheets will be available here as the course progresses.

Chapter 1 PDF

Chapter 2 PDF

Chapter 3 PDF

Chapter 4 PDF

Chapter 5 PDF

Chapter 6 PDF

Chapter 7 PDF

Problem sheet 1 PDF

Problem sheet 2 PDF

Autumn 2002 Examination Paper PDF