Graphs and Networks, MATH20150

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The course will be delivered in a "flipped classroom" mode. Details:

(1) Notes and videos will be available in advance. You will be told how much to study each week. We will not meet on Tuesday in order to free some of your time for this.
(2) We will meet on Thursday at 3pm to discuss the content and so that you can ask your questions. I plan to use (=if no technical problems occur) the brightspace virtual classroom, from within a UCD classroom (so that it should be possible for you to attend in person or follow it online, as you prefer).

Writen solutions as well as videos will be provided, after the tutorial has taken place.

More details will be provided closer to the start of the semester, as needed.

Lectures: Tuesday 4pm (we will not meet, see above), Thursday 3pm in S1.67-SCS. Tutorials: Monday 1pm, Wednesday 11am.

Information: The method for calculating A's in this class is: Grading.

Course notes (comments, corrections and suggestions are very welcome)

Exercise sheets:
Problem sheet 1 Solution 1.
Problem sheet 2 Solution 2.
Problem sheet 3 Solution 3.
Problem sheet 4 Solution 4.
Problem sheet 5 Solution 5.
Problem sheet 6 Solution 6.
Problem sheet 7 Solution 7.
Problem sheet 8 Solution 8.
Problem sheet 9 Solution 9.
Problem sheet 10 Solution 10.
Extra exercise Ford-Fulkerson algo Solution.

2019 exam Solution.

Resources: There are many good graph theory books available in the library (in the general section, just check the tables of content since a few of them are too specialized or too advanced).
There are two books available online through the library website:
Wallis, A beginner's guide to graph theory,
Harris, Hirst, Mossinghof, Combinatorics and graph theory.
Finaly another good book can be consulted freely online (google for the web page of the book):
Diestel, Graph theory.

We will not follow any particular book, but they can be interesting resources in the following sense: