Welcome to Geata Mata

This is Geata Mata , a free selection of lesson plans and resources for primary school maths classes. Each lesson is comprised of a lesson plan for the teacher (including extra information, timings, etc), exercises for the students, & computational extras.

We create lessons based on "fun" areas of maths (Cryptography, Game Theory, and many more) - while also linking to different areas of the curriculum. This allows students to practice what they have previously learned, while also (hopefully) enjoying and appreciating maths.

Created and designed by a team in the School of Mathematics and Statistics, University College Dublin.


Designed for 2nd Class (approximately 7-8 year olds). Practices addition and subtraction.

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Python Strings

Designed for 6th Class (approximately 11-12 year olds). Introduces the Jupyter Notebook, and the basics of strings.

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Designed for 5th Class (approximately 10-11 year olds). Practices probability, basic operations, and introduces game theory.

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Computational Resources

As a part of Geata Mata, we have included several computational elements for each lesson. We use Scratch, Python and Geogebra to create useful tools for each topic - from interactive examples of problems, to solvers for checking answers. There are also several quizzes and games provided for extended practice and fun.