Our goal is to create dynamic mathematics lessons that incorporate computations and creative activities into learning. The content is targeted towards 6-12 year olds and each lesson details the intended age group within this bracket. Our website provides resources for the teacher and the students. However, the website should assist the teacher during the lesson itself. Exercises and simulations can be portrayed on an interactive whiteboard. We have also developed workbooks for students that complement these lessons and focus on the key skills and learning objectives. For each lesson we have designed a lesson plan for the teacher which details resources required, learning outcomes based off the curriculum documents, common student misconceptions and a recommended lesson flow. The topics covered in each lesson highlight the applications of mathematics in the real world from using cryptography to crack ancient codes to sinking battleships with knowledge in probability.


For each lesson we provide;

  • A detailed lesson plan for the teacher
  • Computations and simulation resources
  • Dynamic activities
  • A workbook for students to perfect their skills

NCCA Curriculum

The curriculum documents highlight the importance of developing a number of key skills such as problem solving, reasoning and communicating. Several key strands are also embedded within the curriculum which we focus on in our lessons. Students build on their knowledge of algebra, number, shape, measure and data. In order to add colour and motion to the curriculum we have linked the key strands with topics such as cryptography, mechanics and graph theory. Not only does this expose students to new fields within mathematics, it also allows them to build on their skills such as basic arithmetic and creating shapes of different dimensions with unique characteristics.