Geoboards & Pick's Theorem

This lesson is designed for 4th Class, according to the Irish Education System.

Geoboards are a very useful tool for students to learn about shapes. In this lesson we focus on the area of irregular shapes, calculated using Pick's Theorem.

Pick's Theorem uses addition and subtraction, as well as division by 2, to find the area of a shape on a geoboard. This allows students to practice these operations, as well as develop their concept of area.

A computerized geoboard is available below.

Geoboards Introduction & Pick's Theorem

This presentation contains an introduction to geoboards & Pick's Theorem, a brief history of Georg Alexander Pick, and examples of finding the area of shapes on a geoboard.

There is an option to view the presentation full screen by clicking in the bottom right corner.

Lesson Plan

A description of this lesson for teachers. Includes examples, timings, links to the curriculum, and much more.

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Student Booklet

A premade question booklet for students. Available both in a booklet template (only folding neccesary), as well as a full page option.

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Computational Tools


A computerized 8x8 geoboard. Select two points to create a line between them.

Back & forward buttons are available in the top right corner to remove, or bring back previous lines.

To reset the board, click the rest button in the top right corner.

To make full screen, click the button in the bottom right corner.