Research Profile: Prof Peter Lynch

My principal research interests are dynamic meteorology, numerical weather prediction (NWP), regional climate modelling and climate variability. I have a particular interest in balance in the atmosphere. I developed the digital filtering technique, an initialization method now in widespread international use.

Additional research interests include Hamiltonian dynamics, wave triad resonance in fluids, and the three-body problem in astronomy. I have a deep interest in the history of numerical weather prediction, and my book on the work of Lewis Fry Richardson and the origins and evolution of NWP was published by Cambridge University Press in Autumn, 2006. It is entitled: The Emergence of Scientific Weather Forecasting: Richardson's Dream.

Research projects with Postdoctoral researchers:

Research projects with PhD Students:

Research Profile Prof Bates

Prof. Bates' research interests are in the theory and numerical modeling of the global climate. He is particularly interested in climate feedbacks - the mechanisms that keep the global climate stable at its current equilibrium and that determine its sensitivity to external forcing such as that due to CO2 increase. He is also involved in studying the mechanisms that determine the polar amplification of the surface warming in an enhanced greenhouse world. He and his collaborators have been studying these questions using general circulation models and simple conceptual models of the climate system.

Regional Climate Modelling

The Meteorology and Climate Centre is engaged, with Met Éireann, in the Community Climate Change Consortium for Ireland (C4I) which is examining future changes in the Irish climate using high resolution computer models. For details of this work, see C4I.