MSc Climate Change: Science and Impacts

(12 Months Full Time)
The MSc program in Meteorology has been revised into a new MSc. Climate Change: Science and Impacts. In addition to the existing mathematical and meteorological experts, this program will take advantage of the multidisciplinary expertise of other experts in UCD, such as the UCD Earth Institute and the programme director Dr. Xuefeng Cui.

The climate of the planet has changed tremendously over the last few decades, leading to excessive flooding, forest fires and rising global temperatures and having various impacts on our planet and society. It is crucial to study the causes of climate change and understand the impacts in different sectors in order to prepare us for any natural hazards or extreme changes that can be predicted and incorporate climate change into future sustainable development. This MSc programme has two strands:

1) Climate science and simulation

2) Climate change and impacts

On completion of the programme students should be able to critically understand climate change science and impacts, and creatively apply the knowledge in solving real-world problems. It suits students with a degree in Science, Engineering, Economics or other environment related disciplines with strong interest in climate change science and impacts. Students will have the choice to either conduct a research project working with leading experts from multidisciplinary background or to work as a summer intern in various agencies or companies. In addition to data analysis and computational skills, students will have opportunities to develop their presentation and communication skills.

Download our brochure for more information: UCDMScClimateChange.pdf

Applications are made on the UCD Graduate Studies page.