IUTAM Symposium 2019

"Computational modelling of instabilities and turbulence in separated two-phase flows"

Monday, June 10th - Wednesday, June 12th 2019

Part of the IUTAM symposium series

This event has now passed.

Impromtpu photograph of the participants - with apologies to those who were not present at the time.

Context: The IUTAM Symposium on Computational modelling of instabilities and turbulence in separated two-phase flows will bring together experts in two-phase flow modelling and simulation to map out future progress in the area. The need for such a meeting arises from the intrinsic complexities of two-phase flow, coupled with advent of new and exciting avenues to model such flows with ever-increasing fidelity to the basic physics, including but not limited to:

  • Improvements in the grid-resolution of three-dimensional simulations and the advent of exascale computing,
  • Improvements on the algorithmic front,
  • New developments on high-performance computing, e.g. GPU computing,
  • Novel applications of two-phase flow, e.g. cooling of micro-electronic devices via phase change

Scope: The Symposium will give an opportunity to compare the different computational methods for two-phase flow modelling, focusing in particular on two-phase stratified flows but with an eye on developments more broadly in multiphase-flow methods. This will facilitate a global overview of the most recent advances on the algorithmic front. The Symposium will also address open issues that the community should focus on in the future. To achieve these aims, the Symposium will bring together internationally renowned scientists from diverse backgrounds (including but not limited to engineers, applied mathematicians, physicists) to foster scientific exchange and strengthen interdisciplinary work among researchers with an interest in multiphase flow, and specifically two-phase stratified flows. These developments will be discussed through a combination of invited lectures, workshops, contributed talks, and poster sessions.

Although the focus of the symposium is on computational methodologies, contributions from experimentalists are very welcome, thus giving opportunities to identify new scientific challenges to be addressed theoretically, computationally, and in the lab.

Topics: The symposium is focused on the computational modelling of instabilities and turbulence in separated-two phase flows. As such, contributions from researchers working on such flows are invited, including but not limited to

  • Recent algorithmic developments in level-set, volume-of-fluid, Diffuse-Interface, Lattice-Boltzmann, Front Tracking
  • Recent developments in the understanding of the instabilities in such fluids, e.g. linear and nonlinear instability
  • High-performance computing aspects, including possible directions of research in the context of exascale computing
  • Postprocessing and model validation, including Statistical Learning and Uncertainty Quantification
  • Input from experimentalists working in the area
  • Industrial and technical applications of two-phase flows
Further contributions from multiphase flow more broadly are also welcomed, especially if they can provide insight into the above main topical areas.

Extended papers are invited for special edition of FDMP