Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminars - 2018/19 academic year

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Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminars are held on Mondays at 1pm during the academic year. They take place in room SCN 1.25 in the O'Brien Centre for Science (North). Special seminars may also be arranged on different days and outside of the academic term.

For comments and speaker suggestions please contact the seminar coordinator Dr Barry Wardell. The ACM/Wave Group seminars are jointly organised by Prof Frédéric Dias and the ACM/Climate Science seminars are jointly organised by Dr Xuefeng Cui.

Autumn 2018 schedule

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Comments
31 Aug Edgar Knobloch University of California at Berkeley Asymptotic techniques for flows with strong restraints: rapidly rotating convection Note unusual day and time - 4pm on Friday.
10 Sep Andrew Gloster University College Dublin cuPentBatch -- A batched pentadiagonal solver for NVIDIA GPUs Seminar shared with Khang Ee Pang.
10 Sep Khang Ee Pang University College Dublin A mathematical framework for determining the stability of steady states of reaction-diffusion equations with periodic source terms Seminar shared with Andrew Gloster.
17 Sep Miguel Bustamante University College Dublin Energy flux enhancement, intermittency and turbulence via Fourier triad phase dynamics in 1D Burgers equation
24 Sep Neil O'Connell University College Dublin Stochastic Backlund transformations
1 Oct Dan Lucas Keele University Layers, instabilities and relaminarisation in horizontally shearing stratified flows
8 Oct Lennon O'Naraigh University College Dublin Travelling-wave spatially periodic forcing of asymmetric binary mixtures
15 Oct Shane Walsh University College Dublin On the convergence of the normal form transformation in discrete wave turbulence theory for the Charney-Hasegawa-Mima (CHM) equation Seminar shared with Conor O'Toole.
15 Oct Conor O'Toole University College Dublin Time Domain Method for the Green Function in Schwarzschild Spacetime Seminar shared with Shane Walsh.
22 Oct Doireann O'Keily University of Oxford Buckling and wrinkling of thin viscous and elastic sheets
5 Nov
12 Nov Jeremy Wachter University of the Basque Country Gravitational self-interactions of cosmic string loops
19 Nov Rodrigo Macedo Queen Mary, University of London Revisiting black-hole perturbation theory: the hyperboloidal slice approach
26 Nov Clare O'Neill Met Office (UK) Storm surge forecasting and other operational ocean modelling at the Met Office
3 Dec Manuel del Pino University of Bath and University of Chile Gluing methods for Vortex dynamics in Euler flows
13 Dec Alejandro Jofré Universidad de Chile An optimization-game theory approach for energy markets and massive entry of renewal energy. A trade-off between cost and intermittency. Note the unusual day and time: 2pm on Thursday.
13 Dec Bartosz Protas McMaster University OPtimal Reconstruction of Constitutive Relations in Complex Multiphysics Phenomena Note the unusual day and time: 3pm on Thursday.

Spring 2019 schedule

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Comments
21 Jan Lennon O'Naraigh University College Dublin A differential-equation-based model of the glass ceiling in career progression
28 Jan Ronadh Cox University College Dublin Megagravel transport by storm waves
4 Feb Darryl Holm Imperial College London School of Mathematics and Statistics Colloquium.
6 Feb Cesare Tronci University of Surrey Koopman wavefunctions in classical mechanics and hybrid classical-quantum systems Note the unusual day and location - Wednesday at 1pm in SCN 2.31.
11 Feb
18 Feb Paul D. Williams University of Reading How will climate change affect aircraft flight routes and turbulence?
19 Feb Fabrice Ardhuin IFREMER Air-sea interactions observed with wave-wave scattering processes: are the big waves getting bigger?
25 Feb Alberto Villois University of Bath Dynamics of Quantised Vortices and Electron Bubbles in the Gross-Pitaevskii Model of a Superfluid
4 Mar Vakhtang Putkaradze University of Alberta Integrability and Chaos in Figure Skating School of Mathematics and Statistics Colloquium.
4 Mar Matthieu Ancellin University College Dublin Linear potential flow simulation of wave energy converters This seminar will be at 2pm, immediately following the colloquium.
11 Mar Vakhtang Putkaradze University of Alberta Geometric theory of flexible and expandable tubes conveying fluid
25 Mar Hannah Bloomfield and Daniel Drew University of Reading Characterisation and predictability of weather-dependent power system variables
26 Mar Jim Thomas Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Wave-Vortex interactions in the ocean Note unusual day and time - Tuesday at 2pm.
1 Apr Biswajit Basu Trinity College Dublin Some investigations on equatorial ocean dynamics
4 Apr Alejandro Orfila Spanish National Research Council and the University of the Balearic Islands Effect of small scale transport processes on phytoplankton distribution in coastal seas / Extreme waves and climatic patterns of variability in North Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea Note unusual day and location - Thursday at 2pm in H2.32
8 Apr Abraham Harte Dublin City University Does geometric optics depend on geometry?
15 Apr

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