Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminars - 2017/18 academic year

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Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminars are held on Wednesdays at 3pm during the academic year. They take place in room SCN 1.25 in the O'Brien Centre for Science (North). Special seminars may also be arranged on different days and outside of the academic term.

For comments and speaker suggestions please contact the seminar coordinator Dr Barry Wardell. The ACM/Wave Group seminars are organised by Prof Frédéric Dias and the ACM/Climate Science seminars are organised by Dr Xuefeng Cui.

Autumn 2017 schedule

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Comments
31 Aug Giorgio Krstulovic CNRS Nice Superfluid turbulence: cascades, waves and quantum vortices
13 Sept Frederic Dias University College Dublin Recent progress in the evaluation of impact pressures
20 Sept Matthieu Ancellin University College Dublin On the physical and numerical modeling of interfacial phase change during wave impacts
27 Sept Michelle Carey University College Dublin Geo-spatial Dynamic Data Analysis
4 Oct No seminar this week
11 Oct Stefanella Boatto Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) & INRIA-CetraleSupélec (France) Vortex and mass dynamics over surfaces, Maxwell laws & the axioms of mechanics
19 Oct Eoin Whelan Met Éireann Assimilating Four Decades of Observations Note unusual day and time - 12pm on Thursday.
25 Oct Jörn Behrens Universität Hamburg Modeling Natural Hazards - Requirements and Selected Approaches
25 Oct Larry Forbes University of Tasmania Why do Laminar Fluid Flows become Turbulent? This talk will be at 4pm, immediately following the talk by Jörn Behrens.
1 Nov Tomasz Dabrowski Marine Institute Overview of the Marine Institute's Ocean Modelling Activities
8 Nov No seminar this week
15 Nov James Herterich University College Dublin Models of large boulder generation and transport by waves
22 Nov Justin Vines Max-Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics Scattering of two spinning black holes in post-Minkowskian gravity
29 Nov No seminar this week
4 Dec Emile Okal Northwestern University Some recent developments in tsunami observations and theory This seminar will be at the unusual time of 2pm and will be on a Monday.
13 Dec Nick Byrne Reading University A regime-based perspective on variability of the Southern Hemisphere mid-latitude jet

Spring 2018 schedule

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Comments
24 Jan Usama Kadri Cardiff University Acoustic-gravity waves, theory & applications
31 Jan Alexis Merigaud Maynooth University From the wave spectrum to power output: statistical aspects and efficient computational tools
7 Feb Thomas Abadie Dublin City University Oxygen transfer in microbubble clouds for aeration application
14 Feb Eadaoin Doddy
Seánie Griffin
Joao Monteiro Correia
University College Dublin Shortwave Radiation in Reanalyses: Skill Scores and Spatial Patterns
Wind-Solar Correlations in Reanalysis Datasets
Large scale atmospheric pressure patterns and wind and solar season to season variability – a case study for Ireland and the UK
21 Feb School of Mathematics and Statistics Colloquium
28 Feb Marta Colleoni University of the Balearic Islands Towards improved phenomenological waveform models
7 Mar Daniel Kennefick University of Arkansas A Brief History of Gravitational Wave Emission
28 Mar Laura Cooke (O'Brien) University College Dublin Southern Hemisphere summertime Rossby waves and weather in the Australian region
4 Apr John Gibbon Imperial College London Turbulence and the 3D Navier Stokes equations School of Mathematics and Statistics Colloquium. Will be held at 4pm in Room S1.67 Science Centre South
5 Apr Johan Hoffman KTH, Sweden A Posteriori Error Estimation and Adaptive Algorithms for Computational Fluid Dynamics Note unusual day and time - 1pm on Thursday.
11 Apr Kirk Soodhalter Trinity College Dublin Subspace augmentation for iterative methods for well- and ill-posed problems: recent results and insights
18 Apr Venkatesh Kannan Irish Centre for High-End Computing HPC for Computational Sciences: Landscape and Highways
19 Apr John Gibbon Imperial College London Regimes of nonlinear depletion and regularity in the 3D Navier-Stokes equations Note unusual day and time - 1pm on Thursday.
25 Apr John Gibbon Imperial College London The Rayleigh-Taylor instability
26 Apr Bartosz Protas McMaster University Probing Fundamental Bounds in Hydrodynamics Using Variational Optimization Methods Note unusual day and time - 1pm on Thursday.
10 May Ming-Jin Lai University of Georgia Bivariate Splines for Numerical Solution of Helmholtz Equation with Large Wave Number Note unusual day, time and location - 2pm on Thursday in room A005.
5 June Alan Newell University of Arizona Elastic sheets, phase surfaces and pattern universes Note unusual day, time and location - Tuesday at 2pm in SCN 2.31.

The list of previous seminars are available for the 2014/15, 2015/16 and 2016/17 academic years.