What is ESGI?

  • A week-long problem-solving workshop providing a unique opportunity for interaction between mathematicians, scientists and industry.

  • Brings together leading mathematicians/statisticians from a wide range of backgrounds to work intensively on real-world problems.

  • Consists of 4-8 industry problems, tackled by 50-100 academics ranging from PhD students to professors.

  • Originating in Oxford in 1968, ESGI workshops have been held several times a year across Europe, and were first brought to Ireland by MACSI in 2008.

Comments from ESGI 102 industry participants

  • "The ESGI workshop allowed us to develop the mathematical equations behind our process, leading to an improved understanding of key process parameters." Eoin Keane, Senior Process Engineer, RUSAL Aughinish, Ireland.
  • "Thank you very much for the material. I am impressed that it was possible to perform simulations to this extent in one week." Fionn Iversen, Drilling and well modelling, International Research Institute, Stavanger, Norway
  • “I would endorse the whole concept of the Mathematics Study Group with Industry. If you have a problem with a mathematical element to it, give it a try.” Gerry Stanley, Senior Geologist, Geological Survey of Ireland


Guest lecture

Simone Vantini, MOX - Department of Mathematics, Politecnico di Milano

Prof. Vantini has been involved in numerous prestigious industrial collaborations some examples include:

  • The AneuRisk project in collaboration with Siemens Medical Solutions is a scientific endeavor that aimed at investigating the role of vessel morphology, blood fluid dynamics and bio mechanical properties of the vascular wall, on the parthenogenesis of cerebral aneurysms.
  • Eni Exploration and Production project. Prof. Vantini corroborated with Eni Exploration and Production to develop statistical methods for the analysis of remote sensing data to reduce the hydrocarbon exploration risk.
  • The green move project involves locating the optimal docking stations for a vehicle sharing system in Milan.


Workshop format

The workshop participation fee is €5,000. For small and medium-size Irish companies, the organising committee can help apply for an Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher which will fully or partially cover the fee

  • Pre-workshop : Once a problem is agreed, the organising committee will assist in writing a short problem description
  • Day 1: Companies present their problems to academics
  • Days 1 - 4: Group work, modelling and problem solving closely guided by industry representatives
  • Day 5: Each group reports results of their work and recommends routes towards problem solutions
  • Post workshop: written report of week's findings delivered, optional follow-up site visit