Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminars - 2019/20 academic year

Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminars are held on Mondays at 1pm during the academic year. They take place in room SCN 1.25 in the O'Brien Centre for Science (North). Special seminars may also be arranged on different days and outside of the academic term.

For comments and speaker suggestions please contact the seminar coordinator Dr Barry Wardell. The ACM/Wave Group seminars are jointly organised by Prof Frédéric Dias and the ACM/Climate Science seminars are jointly organised by Dr Xuefeng Cui.

Autumn 2019 schedule

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Comments
9 Sep Peter Lynch University College Dublin Integrable Elliptic Billiards & Ballyards
16 Sep Jonathan Thompson Cardiff University Self-force Regularization in Regge-Wheeler-type Gauges
23 Sep Lennon O'Naraigh University College Dublin A Geometric Diffuse-Interface Method for Droplet Spreading
30 Sep Cathal Cummins Heriot-Watt University/Maxwell Institute A separated vortex ring underlies the flight of the Jinny Joe
7 Oct
14 Oct Anna Heffernan University of Guelph/Perimeter Institute Seminar cancelled
21 Oct Andrew Kennedy University of Notre Dame Subgrid Processes for Storm Surge
4 Nov Miguel Bustamante University College Dublin Exact discrete resonances in the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam-Tsingou system
11 Nov Claus Goetz University of Hamburg How do we solve piece-wise smooth initial value problems?
18 Nov James Steer University College Dublin Seminar cancelled
25 Nov Nicole Beisiegel University College Dublin Adaptive Simulations of Hurricane Storm Surge

Spring 2020 schedule

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Comments
27 Jan Giovanni Russo University College Dublin Cyber-Physical Systems: a rendezvous between control theory, physics and computer science
3 Feb
10 Feb Áine Byrne University College Dublin Can maths explain your love of music?
17 Feb
24 Feb James Steer University College Dublin X-Waves: Do Ducks Emit Cherenkov Radiation?
2 Mar
23 Mar
30 Mar Daniel Giles University College Dublin
6 Apr
20 Apr Leandro Fernández University College Dublin Statistics of ocean wave fields using wave models results, in-situ measurements and experimental data

The list of previous seminars are available for the 2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17, 2017/18 and 2018/19 academic years.