Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminars - 2016/17 academic year

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Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminars are held on Wednesdays at 3pm during the academic year. For the Spring 2017 semester they will take place in room 1.18 in the UCD Agricultural and Food Science Centre. Special seminars may also be arranged on different days and outside of the academic term.

For comments and speaker suggestions please contact the seminar coordinator Dr Barry Wardell. The ACM/Wave Group seminars are organised by Prof Frédéric Dias and the ACM/Climate Science seminars are organised by Dr Xuefeng Cui.

Autumn 2016 schedule

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Comments
14 Sept Miguel Bustamante University College Dublin Precession resonance mechanism in deep-water gravity surface waves
21 Sept Lennon O'Naraigh University College Dublin Advection of nematic liquid crystals by chaotic flow
28 Sept Sarp Akcay University College Dublin Correction to geodetic spin-precession for bound binary black hole orbits
5 Oct Stephen Shaw Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Application of compressible Euler numerical solvers to simulate two phase flows
12 Oct Ray McGrath Met Éireann Weather forecasting - the struggle against chaos
19 Oct
26 Oct Niels Warburton MIT/University College Dublin Inspiral into Gargantua
2 Nov
9 Nov Jake Shipley University of Sheffield Binary black hole shadows, the Cantor set and stable photon orbits
16 Nov Brendan Murray / James Herterich University College Dublin Enhanced energy fluxes via phase precession in forced Burgers equation / Long-wave evolution approaching a cliff over a varying bathymetry
23 Nov John Regan Dublin City University Modeling the formation of Super-Massive Black Hole Seeds in the Early Universe
30 Nov Nicole Beisiegel University College Dublin A High-Order Spectral Model for 3D Water Wave Simulations
14 Dec Gene Kopp University of Michigan The arithmetic geometry of resonant Rossby wave triads This seminar will be at the non-standard time of 4pm.

Spring 2017 schedule

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Comments
25 Jan Ray Bates University College Dublin Estimating climate sensitivity using a simple energy balance model and satellite observations
1 Feb Tristan McLoughlin Trinity College Dublin AdS/CFT and Integrability: A path to exact results in Quantum Field Theory
8 Feb Donough Regan University of Sussex New Techniques to confront large scale structure observations
15 Feb
22 Feb Laurent Vuillon LAMA, Université de Savoie Mont-blanc Topology of adjacent amino-acid networks and robustness to mutation
1 Mar
8 Mar Hermann Fritz Georgia Institute of Technology Global storm surge observations from Hurricane Katrina to Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu
8 Mar Anna Kalogirou University of East Anglia Nonlinear water waves and their impact on moving ships: variational modelling, simulations and experiments This seminar will be at the non-standard time of 4pm and in a different location, room 1.16 of the UCD Agricultural and Food Science Centre.
15 Mar Christian Kharif Centrale Marseille Nonlinear water waves propagating on a vertically sheared current This seminar will be in a non-standard location, room 1.16 of the UCD Agricultural and Food Science Centre.
29 Mar Scott Hughes Massachusetts Institute of Technology The present and future of gravitational wave astronomy
5 Apr Dan Lucas University of Cambridge Explaining layer formation and mixing with exact coherent structures in stratified turbulence
12 Apr Iain Moyles University of Limerick The formation of Liesegang Rings
19 Apr Colm Clancy Met Éireann Numerical methods research at Met Éireann
26 Apr Adri Olde Daalhuis The University of Edinburgh Exponential Asymptotics and Resurgence

The list of previous seminars are available for the 2014/15 and 2015/16 academic years.