Kazim Büyükboduk

Lecturer at UC Dublin.

Previously, I was an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Koç University (Istanbul). During the academic year 2017-18, I also held a visiting post at Harvard University, while on leave  from both UCD and Koç University.

My research is supported by a European Commission Horizon 2020 grant (CriticalGZ).

Here is a link to my research page, and here is a link to my CV.

I'm organising a satellite conference to Journées Arithmétiques XXXI on p-adic modular forms; here is a link to its page.

Research Interests: Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometry, more particularly:        

  • Iwasawa theory of (automorphic) motives and their deformations,  

  • (High rank) Euler systems and Kolyvagin systems,

  • Modularity of Galois representations and relevant themes.

Contact Information:
School of Mathematics and Statistics, UCD, Belfield Dublin 4, Ireland.

Phone: +353 1 716 24 22

Last Update: May 14, 2019