Take a look at some research papers in journals, proceedings, and other reports and reviews that have merited publication.

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  1. Modelling road cycling as motion on a curve
    PJ Nee & JG Herterich
    Sports Engineering, 25, 12, 2022
  2. A mathematical model of the erosion process in a channel bend
    JG Herterich & IM Griffiths
    Tribology International, 163, 107175, 2021
  3. Potential flow over a submerged rectangular obstacle: Consequences for initiation of boulder motion
    JG Herterich & F Dias
    European Journal of Applied Mathematics, 31.4, p. 646-681, 2020
  4. Systematic review shows that boulders deposited by storm waves can be misinterpreted as tsunami-related, because commonly used hydrodynamic equations are flawed
    R Cox, F Ardhuin, F Dias, R Autret, N Beisiegel, CS Earlie, JG Herterich, AB Kennedy, R Paris, A Raby, P Schmitt & R Weiss
    Frontiers in Marine Science, 7.4, p. 1-18, 2020
  5. Large nearshore storm waves off the Irish coast
    F Fedele, JG Herterich, A Tayfun & F Dias
    Scientific Reports, 9, 15406, 2019
  6. Extreme long waves over a varying bathymetry
    JG Herterich & F Dias
    J. Fluid Mechanics, 878, p. 481-501, 2019
  7. Reproducing the pressure‒time signature of membrane filtration: The interplay between fouling, caking, and elasticity
    JG Herterich, IM Griffiths & D Vella
    J. Membrane Science, 577, p. 235-348, 2019
  8. How does wave impact generate large boulders? Modelling hydraulic fracture of cliffs and shore platforms
    JG Herterich, R Cox & F Dias
    Marine Geology, 399, p. 34-46, 2018
  9. Wave breaking and runup of long waves approaching a cliff over a variable bathymetry
    JG Herterich & F Dias
    Procedia IUTAM, 25, p. 18-27, 2017
  10. Optimizing the operation of a direct-flow filtration device
    JG Herterich, Q Xu, RW Field, D Vella & IM Griffiths
    J. Engineering Mathematics, 104(1), p. 195-211, 2017
  11. Tailoring wall permeabilities for enhanced filtration
    JG Herterich, D Vella, RW Field, NP Hankins & IM Griffiths
    Physics of Fluids, 27(5), 053102, 2015
  12. The effect of a concentration-dependent viscosity on particle transport in a channel flow with porous walls
    JG Herterich, IM Griffiths, RW Field & D Vella
    AIChE Journal, 60(5), p. 1891-1904, 2014

Conference Proceedings

  1. Un cas-test discriminant pour la simulation de la propagation et du run-up de trains de vagues de type tsunami
    M Benoit, F Dias, JG Herterich, Y-M Scolan
    16ème Journées de l’Hydrodynamique, 2018
  2. Dynamic cliff-top beam response to wave impact
    JG Herterich, R Cox & F Dias
    The 13th International Conference on Hydrodynamics (ICHD), 2018
  3. Incorporating wave spectrum information in real-time free-surface elevation forecasting: real-sea experiments
    APL Merigaud, JG Herterich, J Flanagan, J Ringwood, F Dias
    The 11th IFAC Conference on Control Applications in Marine Systems, Robotics, and Vehicles, IFAC-PapersOnLine 51.29, p. 232–237, 2018
  4. Wave height to depth measures during extreme runup
    JG Herterich & F Dias
    The 27th International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference (ISOPE), vol. 3, p. 1390-1394, 2017

Technical Reports

  1. Liquid Wicking in Hierarchical Microstructures
    GCR Devarapu, L Ó’Náraigh, JG Herterich
    141st European Study Group with Industry, Dublin, 2018
  2. Bananas - defects in the jet stripping process
    S Walsh, D O’Kiely, G Lavalle, R Mangan, S Mitchell, K Devine, JG Herterich, S Thomson, R Novakovic, G Hocking
    118th European Study Group with Industry, Dublin, 2016
  3. Segmentation and Scene Content in Moving Images
    D Badziahin, F Brosa Planella, M Ferreira, S Gazzola, JG Herterich, A Krupp, S Lim, R Pronko, J Skinner
    107th European Study Group with Industry, Manchester, 2015
  4. Liquid interactions with porous media and the fate of toxic materials
    P Hicks, A Crosby, D Hewitt, M Hennessy, JG Herterich & I Moyles
    85th European Study Group with Industry, Norwich, 2012


  • Mathematical Models in Water Filtration
    DPhil Thesis, University of Oxford, 2015
  • Modelling the Erosion‒Corrosion Process in Pipe Flow
    MSc Thesis, University of Oxford, 2011