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  Florian Maire

About me

I am currently a postdoctoral research fellow in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at University College Dublin working in the group of Nial Friel and with Insight. My research interests are computational statistics, in particular Markov chain Monte Carlo methods and Expectation Maximization algorithms with application to Big data problems, Image processing and Network models. Here is a recent CV.

PhD Thesis

I completed my PhD thesis at Telecom SudParis under the joint supervision of Eric Moulines and Randal Douc and Sidonie Lefebvre (ONERA) in 2014. It deals with anomaly detection and classification in multispectral images and can be found here.


I am teaching two modules in 2016/17 to UCD undergraduate and master students.

  • Probability Theory (STAT20110)

  • Time Series (STAT40640)

Reviewing activities

I have reviewed papers for:

  • Annals of Applied Probability

  • Statistics and Computing

  • IEEE, Transactions on Signal Processing

  • Electronic Journal of Statistics


  • ICML


I am mentoring Lampros Bouranis (PhD candidate, expected 2018). His work deals with Bayesian inference for exponential random graph models.

I have supervised the internship of four students

  • Marie Vialaret, June-November 2017. She worked on non-reversible Markov chains and their application to design efficient MCMC algorithms.

  • Olivier Roux, Feb.-July 2016. He studied approximations of Continuous Time Markov chains with application to protein dynamics (joint supervision with Prof. Vio Buchete, School of Physics, UCD) . (report)

  • Lionel Riou-Durand, Summer 2015. He studied the stability of different Markov chains based on variations of the Metropolis-Hastings algorithm. (report)

  • Adil Salim, Summer 2014. He studied the influence of ordering the data in Sequential Monte Carlo methods for static inference. (report)


In November 2016, I was awarded the 2016 DGA prize for my PhD thesis. The DGA is the French procurement agency and found (or partially found) around 450 PhD thesis. It rewards every year three PhD thesis for their original scientiļ¬c contribution.

Contact details

I am based in Insight, Science East, 3rd floor, UCD Belfield, Dublin 4.


My UCD research portal webpage.

My Google Scholar profile.