Masha Vlasenko

University College Dublin
School of Mathematical Sciences
G12 Science Centre North, Belfield

email: masha dot vlasenko at gmail dot com


I am interested in number theory, and particularly in motives, L-functions, automorphic forms and arithmetic aspects of mirror symmetry.

Algebra and Number Theory Seminar at UCD

recent preprints and papers

  • Explicit p-adic unit-root formulas for hypersurfaces [pdf]
  • Dwork's congruences for the constant terms of powers of a Laurent polynomial (with Anton Mellit) [pdf]
  • Equations D3 and spectral elliptic curves (with Vasily Golyshev) [pdf]
  • Linear Mahler Measures and Double L-values of Modular Forms (with Evgeny Shinder) [pdf]
  • Nahm's conjecture: asymptotic computations and counterexamples (with Sander Zwegers)[pdf]
  • A note on an asymptotic expansion of Nahm's sums [pdf]
  • Lines crossing a tetrahedron and the Bloch group (with Kevin Hutchinson)[pdf]
  • My talk at IMPANGA summer school on algebraic geometry, 4-10/07/2010, Bedlewo, Poland
  • Higher Kronecker limit formulas for real quadratic fields (with Don Zagier) [pdf]
  • Generalization of the "Stark unit" for abelian L-functions with multiple zeros [pdf]

future and recent scientific visits and talks   / back to top

2015  February 16-20th, CRM of Montréal, Regulators, Mahler measures, and special values of L-functions
January 14th, MPIM Bonn, Seminar on recurrences and L-values, talk ''Explicit p-adic unit-root formulas for hypersurfaces''
2014  November 10, University of Warwick, Number Theory Seminar
September 1- 12, ICTP Trieste, L-functions and modular forms
    Notes of my course on Monski-Washnitzer cohomology and Kedlaya's algorithm for counting points on hyperelliptic curves over finite fields
August 18 - 22, MSRI Berkeley, New Geometric Methods in Number Theory
June 23-27, IHES Bures-sur-Yvette, Algebra, Geometry and Physics
April 3, Dublin Area Mathematics Colloquium, talk ''Counting points over finite fields on Calabi-Yau hypersurfaces''
March 29, UCD Algebra and Number Theory Seminar, talk ''Congruences for the constant terms of powers of a Laurent polynomial''
2013  July 14-20th, Oberwolfach, Explicit methods in number theory
July 10-12th, Utrecht, Special functions and special numbers
June 15-20th, Saariselkä, Arctic Number Theory Workshop
March 11-14th, Dublin, 27th Automorphic Forms Workshop [slides]
2012  December 15th - 21st, Bonn, Galois representations and pencils of Calabi-Yau motives [slides]
November 5-9th, Paris, Hypergeometric motives
August 26th - September 1st, Oberwolfach, Low-dimensional topology and number theory
July 2-6th, ICMAT Madrid, Periods and motives: a modern perspective on renormalization [slides]
June 25-29th, ICTP Trieste, Hypergeometric motives
June 13-14th, Irish Geometry Conference, University College Cork
May 29th - June 1st, 2012, Paris, Hypergeometric series and their generalizations in algebra, geometry, number theory and physics
April 5th, Dublin, K-Theory, Quadratic Forms and Number Theory seminar at UCD
March 23-28, MPIM Bonn, Motivic structures on quantum cohomology
February 27th - March 1st, 2012, Cologne, Modular forms, mock theta functions, and applications [slides]
2011  July 17th - July 23rd, 2011, Oberwolfach, Explicit methods in number theory [slides]

popular math talks   / back to top

2014  p-adic cohomology and counting points on varieties over finite fields, lectures at ICTP in Trieste
2013  Binomial Coefficients and p-adic Continuity, at UCD mathsoc
2012  Internal geometry of surfaces, at TCD Maths/Physics open day
Apery's constant and other geometric numbers: towards understanding the motivic Galois group, at UCD/TCD Mathematics Summer School

teaching   / back to top

MATH10260: Linear Algebra for Engineers
MATH20140: Multivariable Calculus for Applications
MATH40260: Modular Forms of One Variable
MATH20150: Graphs and Networks
some past courses:
Multivariable Calculus

Mathematical battle UCD vs TCD took place on Thursday, the 20th of February.   [problems] [rules] Time and venue: 6pm, MacNeill Lecture Theatre, Hamilton Building, Trinity College.   [photo report]

Intervarsity Competition took place on the 12th of April.   [problems]

advising undergraduate research projects

2015  Seán Mac DhonnagáinCongruences for the coefficients of powers of a polynomial
2014  Ewan DalbyCongruences for the Fourier coefficients of modular forms
2013  Adam Keilthy, Owen Ward
and Jack Geary
Integral ratios of factorials
David MulliganWeil conjectures for elliptic curves
Jack KellyAlgebraic hypergeometric functionsdescription
2012  Modular parametrization of families of elliptic curves  description
Eoin Ó MurchadhaGeneralizing Menelaus' theorem to algebraic curves paper
Aran Nolan, Padraig Condon
and Ewan Dalby
Extremal Laurent polynomials in two dimensions description and students' report on the results
2011  Una Eilis Ni Eigeartaigh    Ramified coverings of Riemann sphere