Russell Higgs










Personal Details

Russell Higgs studied Pure Mathematics at the  University of Liverpool. He did his doctoral  work at the Universities of Liverpool and Notre Dame. He is currently a Senior Lecturer in the School of Mathematical Sciences at University College Dublin.











Research Interests

The main focus of his research is on projective representations of finite groups, quadratic residue codes and computer algebra. His last two publications are:
1. The bad behavior of representation groups. Journal of Algebra and its Applications 4 (2005), 139 - 151.
2. (with J.F. Humphreys) A dual approach to alpha-regularity. International Journal of Mathematics, Game Theory and Algebra 15 (2006), 117 - 122.










Research Projects

Dr Higgs is a member of the Claude Shannon Institute and has also been engaged on a number of joint research projects with Dr J.F. Humphreys of the University of Liverpool.












Other Details

Dr Higgs is President of the Irish Mathematical Society .  He won the President's Teaching Award in 2003.



























Dr Russell Higgs

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