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Portable Hand-Operated Numerical Integrator And Computer

ENIAC forecast run on a cell-phone:
A program to integrate the barotropic vorticity equation (BVE) has been written in Java ME (J2ME), and one of the forecasts originally run on the ENIAC has been run on a Nokia 6300 cell-phone. The 24-hour forecast executes in less than a second.

The implementation of the J2ME program phoniac.jar on a cell phone is described in
Peter Lynch & Owen Lynch, 2008: Forecasts by PHONIAC. Weather, 63, 324-326. HTML. PDF.

Short note in College Bulletin, UCD College of Engineering, Mathematical & Physical Sciences, June, 2008 (includes a Limerick).

Complete Java ME (J2ME) application source code: ZIP file

Java ME (J2ME) application to integrate the BVE on a cell phone:
Point your phone browser at http://mathsci.ucd.ie/~plynch/eniac/phoniac/phoniac.jad

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Updated February, 2008.