Peter Lynch's Lecture Notes

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Current and Recent Courses

ACM 40500/ ACM 40540: Synoptic Meteorology       First & Second Semester, 2011/2012.

ACM 40520 Numerical Weather Prediction       Second Semester, 2011/2012.

Earlier Courses

MAPH P310. Dynamical Meteorology       Second Semester, 2003-2004.

MAPH P311. Physical Meteorology       First Semester, 2004-2005.

MAPH P312. Synoptic Meteorology       Second Semester, 2004-2005.

MAPH P313. Numerical Meteorology       Second Semester, 2005-2006.

PHYC 40050 Climate, Climate Change, Nuclear Power & the Alternatives       First Semester, 2007-2008.

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