Sum-enchanted Evenings [2018]

Presentation Slides

Presentations for the lectures given by Prof Peter Lynch in the course Sum-enchanted Evenings are in two forms. The Presentation slides are best for viewing on-screen. The Print Versions are more compact. They can be printed with multiple slides to a page, typically with six slides per sheet.

Lecture Content Presentation Print Version
0 Taster Lecture, 23 August 2018. PDF -----

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1 Outline of Course. Emergence of Numbers. PDF PDF 2 Cantor. Set Theory. Topology I. Unary Numerals. PDF PDF 3 Set Theory II. Hilbert's Hotel. Pythagoras. PDF PDF 4 The Quadrivium. Pythagoras' Theorem. Möbius Band. PDF PDF 5 Axioms. Music I. Numerals. The Number Line. PDF PDF 6 Combinatorics. Music II. PDF PDF 7 Irrationals. Pascal's Triangle. Symmetry I. PDF PDF 8 Euler's Gem. Astronomy I. The Real Line. Symmetry II. PDF PDF 9 Astronomy II. Applications. Symmetry and Groups. Topology II PDF PDF 10 Moessner's Magic. Golden Ratio. Gauss and Number Theory. PDF PDF

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