First semester 2018-2019: the seminar will be held on Thursdays at 2pm in Science North, 125 (JK Lab)

Sept. 13: Olga Markova (Moscow State University), "The length of commutative group algebras".

Sept. 20: Robert Osburn (UCD), "The colored Jones polynomial for double twist knots".

Sept. 27: Kazim Buyukboduk (UCD), "p-adic Gross-Zagier formula at critical slope and a conjecture of Perrin-Riou".

Oct. 4: James O'Shea (DCU), "Hyperbolicity of quadratic forms over function fields of quadrics".

Oct. 11: Helena Smigoc (UCD), "Integer completely positive matrices of order two".

Oct. 18: Alessandro Neri (Zurich), "Properties of rank metric codes and analogies with the Hamming metric".

Oct. 25: Conor Finnegan (UCD), "The projective characters of metacyclic p-groups".

Nov. 1: Antonio Lei (Laval), "An algebraic toolbox in Iwasawa theory".

Nov. 8: Eimear Byrne (UCD), "Subspace Designs in Coding Theory".

Nov. 15: Olivia Beckwith (Bristol), "Indivisibility and divisibility of class numbers of imaginary quadratic fields".

Nov. 22: Gary McGuire (UCD), "Some families of curves over finite fields for algebraic geometry codes and quantum codes".

Nov. 29: Francisco Monserrat (Valencia), "Integrability of algebraic foliations of the plane".

Please note that there will also be a School Colloquium of interest: 3pm in Science North, 125 (JK Lab)

Oct. 23: Francis Brown (Oxford and IHÉS), "A new class of modular forms".