First semester 2017-2018: the seminar will be held on Thursdays at 2pm in Ag. 1.01 (Seminar Room)

Sept. 21: Marianne Leitner (DIAS), "Modular forms and quantum field theory".

Sept. 28: Rod Gow (UCD), "The influence of rank on the dimension of a subspace of bilinear forms".

Oct. 5: Ruth Britto (TCD), "A Hopf algebra for Feynman diagrams and integrals".

Oct. 12: Victoria Lebed (TCD), "Yang-Baxter equation, knots, cohomology: a golden triangle".

Oct. 19: John Sheekey (UCD), "Algebraic constructions of semifields and maximum rank distance codes".

Oct. 26: Clement de Seguins Pazzis (Versailles), "Decompositions into sums or products of two quadratic matrices".

Nov. 2: Marianne Leitner (DIAS), "Modular forms and quantum field theory: new results".

Nov. 9: Christine Lee (UT-Austin and MPIM), "Stability properties of the colored Jones polynomial".

Nov. 16: Thomas Unger (UCD), "Positive cones and gauges on algebras with involution".

Nov. 23: Alberto Ravagnani (UCD), "A mathematical framework for adversarial network communications".

Second semester:

Feb. 1: Michael Tuite (NUIG), "Vertex operator algebras on Riemann surfaces with some applications".

Feb. 8: Stiofain Fordham (UCD), "Slope estimates of Artin-Schreier F-crystals".

Feb. 15: Bartosz Naskrecki (Adam Mickiewicz University), "Hypergeometric differential equations and hypergeometric motives".

Feb. 22: Graham Ellis (NUIG), "Topological data analysis".

*March 1: Alessandro Siciliano (University of Basilicata), "Cyclic models for finite vector spaces and applications".

**March 12: Carlos Moreno (CUNY), "Number of solutions of algebraic equations over finite fields".

March 29: Anna Haensch (Duquesne University and MPIM), "Spinor regular ternary quadratic forms".

April 5: Neil O'Connell (UCD), "Birational RSK correspondence and Whittaker functions".

April 12: Laurent Vuillon (University Savoie Mont Blanc), "Combinatorics on words for Markoff numbers".

April 19: Damjana Kokol Bukovsek (Ljubljana), "Commuting graph of the algebra of matrices".

April 26: Chris Jennings-Shaffer (Cologne), "Modular forms from partitions".

*cancelled due to snow

**special date and time