First semester 2016-2017: the seminar will be held on Thursdays at 2pm in Ag. 1.01 (Seminar Room).

Sept. 22: Robert Osburn (UCD), "Sequences, modular forms and cellular integrals".

Sept. 29: Richard Ellard (UCD), "Diagonal elements in the nonnegative inverse eigenvalue problem".

Oct. 6: Thomas Unger (UCD), "Sums of squares and positivity in algebras with involution".

Oct. 13: Vincent Astier (UCD), "Positive cones on algebras with involution".

Oct. 27: Oliver Mason (NUIM), "Diagonal and D-stability for switched and time-delay systems".

Nov. 3: James O'Shea (NUIM), "Group forms, round forms and Pfister multiples".

Nov. 10: Larry Rolen (TCD), "Divisors of modular forms".

Nov. 17: Jeremy Lovejoy (Paris 7), "Torus knots and quantum modular forms".

Nov. 24: Spela Spenko (University of Edinburgh), "The length of a generic vector subspace of M_n(F)".

Second semester:

Feb. 2: Kevin Hutchinson (UCD), "The low-dimensional homology of SL_2 of S-integers".

Feb. 9: Alberto Fernandez-Boix (Ben-Gurion), "An algorithm for producing differential operators in prime characteristic".

Feb. 16: Stiofain Fordham (UCD), "On the Dwork cohomology of two classes of exponential sums".

Feb. 23: Graham Ellis (NUIG), "Topological data analysis" (cancelled).

March 2: Sander Zwegers (Cologne), "Indefinite theta functions".

March 9: Eimear Byrne (UCD), "Puncturing and shortening of rank metric codes".

March 30: Mark Dukes (UCD), "Web diagrams: a combinatorial construct combining graphs and permutations".

*March 31: Igor Klep (Auckland), "Positive polynomials and the universal Procesi-Schacher conjecture".

April 6: Polona Oblak (Ljubljana), "The maximum of the minimal multiplicity of eigenvalues of symmetric matrices whose pattern is constrained by a graph".

April 13: Emrah Sercan Yilmaz (UCD), "The number of irreducible polynomials with prescribed coefficients over finite fields".

April 20: Clement Dupont (Montpellier), "Linear forms in zeta values and mixed Tate motives".

April 27: Helena Smigoc (UCD), "From positive matrices to positive polynomial coefficients".

*May 10: Roozbeh Hazrat (Western Sydney University), "Leavitt path algebras".

*Special day and time