First semester 2015-2016: the seminar will be held on Mondays at 4pm in Ag. 1.01 (Seminar Room).

Sept. 14: Iván Blanco Chacón (UCD), "A crash course on Hilbert modular forms".

Sept. 21: Iván Blanco Chacón (UCD), "A crash course on Hilbert modular forms".

*Sept. 22: Nigel Boston (University of Wisconsin), "Unique completability for low-rank matrix completion".

Sept. 28: Iván Blanco Chacón (UCD), "Hilbert modular surfaces, Hirzebruch-Zagier cycles and a p-adic Gross-Zagier formula for Hilbert modular forms".

Oct. 5: Robert Granger (EPFL), "A tale of two quasi-polynomial algorithms".

Oct. 12: Omran Ahmadi (IPM), "BCH codes, m-sequences and Fermat hypersurfaces".

Oct. 19: Alberto Ravagnani (University of Neuchâtel), "Combinatorics of MacWilliams identities".

Oct. 26: Bank holiday

Nov. 2: Daniela Müller (UCD), "Summation polynomials and the elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem".

Nov. 9: Jiang Zeng (ICJ, Lyon), "Carlitz's q-analog of Bernoulli numbers as moments of orthogonal polynomials".

Nov. 16: Amanda Folsom (Amherst College and MPIM), "Quantum mock modular forms arising from eta-theta functions".

Nov. 23: Rob de Jeu (Vrije Universiteit), "K-theory of fields and curves".

* Special date, same time and location

Second semester 2015-2016:

Jan. 25: Ben Williams (UBC), "Topological obstructions and Azumaya algebras".

Feb. 1: Tom Gilroy (UCD), "Genus two Zhu theory for vertex operator algebras".

Feb. 8: John Sheekey (UCD), "Finite semifields and rank-metric codes".

Feb. 15: Rod Gow (UCD),  "Rank related dimension bounds for subspaces of matrices and bilinear forms".

Feb. 22: Sercan Yilmaz (UCD), "Supersingular curves and explicit enumeration of irreducible polynomials over binary fields with prescribed coefficients".

Feb. 29: Stiofáin Fordham (UCD), "Deformation theory and zeta functions of curves over finite fields".

March 7: Leo Storme (Ghent), "Galois geometries and random network coding".

March 14: (term break)

March 21: (term break)

March 28: Easter Monday

April 4: Matt Krauel (Cologne), "A study of vector-valued modular forms constructed from intertwiners of the minimal models".

April 11: Nicola Pace (DIT), "Permutation decoding of linear error-correcting codes".

April 18: Jan Manschot (TCD), "Generalized Appell functions and gauge theory".

April 25: Iván Blanco Chacón (UCD), "Twin primes and triangular numbers: computational and theoretical evidence for a conjecture".

Second semester:

Camilla Hollanti (Aalto University), visiting May 23-29.