First semester 2014-2015: the seminar will be held on Mondays at 4pm in Ag. 1.01 (Seminar Room).

Sept. 22: Samuele Anni (Warwick), "Residual modular Galois representations: an algorithmic approach".

Sept. 29: Adam Keilthy (TCD), "Rogers-Ramanujan type identities for alternating knots".

Oct. 6: Gary McGuire (UCD), "L-polynomials of curves over finite fields".

Oct. 13: Cristina Martinez Ramirez (UCD), "Comparing permutation codes".

Oct. 20: Olga Markova (Moscow State University), "Description of matrix subalgebras with the given length".

Oct. 27: Bank Holiday

Nov. 3: Richard Ellard (UCD), "An equivalence result in the Symmetric Nonnegative Inverse Eigenvalue Problem".

Nov. 10: John Murray (NUIM), "Involutary G-algebras".

Nov. 17: Roland van der Veen (Amsterdam), "Stabilization of quantum knot invariants".

Nov. 24: Matija Kazalicki (Zagreb), "Modular forms, de Rham cohomology and congruences".

Dec. 1: none

Dec. 8: none

Dec. 15: Gunther Cornelissen (Utrecht), cancelled.

Second semester 2014-2015:

January 19: Nigel Boston (Wisconsin), "Group Inequalities, Information Inequalities, and the Entropy Region".

February 2: Marco Schlichting (Warwick), "Euler class groups and the homology of elementary and special linear groups".

February 16: Rod Gow (UCD), "Dimension bounds for constant rank subspaces of matrices and bilinear forms over finite fields".

February 23: Sercan Yilmaz (UCD), "Some Results on Hyperelliptic Supersingular Curves".

March 2: Iván Blanco Chacón (UCD), "Recent applications of arithmetic Fuchsian groups to physical layer non-linear coding".

March 23: Haluk Sengun (Sheffield), "p-adic uniformization of modular elliptic curves over number fields".

March 30: Alex Bartel (Warwick), "Heuristics for distributions of Arakelov class groups".

April 6: Bank holiday

April 13: Eric Delaygue (Lyon), "Arithmetic properties of Apéry-like numbers".

April 20: Rachel Quinlan (NUIG), "The trace bilinear form on matrix spaces".

May 11: Stiofáin Fordham (UCD), "Jacobi sums and zeta functions of curves over finite fields".