First semester 2013-2014: the seminar will be held at 4pm on Mondays in the CASL seminar room.

Sept. 23: Vincent Astier (UCD), "Signatures of hermitian forms and 'prime ideals' of Witt groups".
Sept. 30: Rod Gow (UCD), "A duality operation on subspaces of matrices".

Oct. 7: James O'Shea (NUIM), "Products of Pfister neighbours".

Oct. 14: Sergey Mozgovoy (TCD), "Non-abelian zeta functions and stable pairs".

Oct. 21: Jean Fasel (Essen), "Vector bundles on smooth affine threefolds".

Oct. 28: Bank Holiday

Nov. 4: Piotr Achinger (UC Berkeley), "Toric varieties and matroids".

Nov. 11: Akiko Manada (Tokyo),  "Constrained systems for flash memories".

Nov. 18: Armin Straub (MPIM), "On the ubiquity of modular forms and Apéry-like numbers".

Nov. 25: Tom Brady (DCU), "Milnor fibres and non-crossing partitions".

Second semester 2013-2014:

Jan. 27: Mark Christiansen (NUIM), "Quantifying the computational security of multi-user systems".

Feb. 3: Vladimir Dotsenko (TCD), "Hodge-type degeneration via gauge symmetries".

Feb. 10: Kevin Jennings (NUIG), "2-dimensional subspaces of M_n(F) containing many elements of different ranks".

Feb. 17: Jeremy Lovejoy (Paris 7), "A partition identity and the universal mock theta function g_2".

Feb. 24: Adam Chapman (ICTEAM, UCL), "Symplectic Groups, Quadratic Forms and Tensor Products of Quaternion Algebras".

March 3: Gary McGuire (UCD), "Decomposing Jacobians of Algebraic Curves".

March 10: School break

March 17: School break

March 24: Masha Vlasenko (UCD), "Congruences for the constant terms of powers of a Laurent polynomial".

March 31: Jorge Morales (LSU), "Generic polynomials and generic extensions in positive characteristic".

April 7: Anna Haensch (Duquesne University and MPIM), "A characterization of almost universal inhomogeneous quadratic polynomials".

April 14: Yuri Bilu (Bordeaux), "Effective proof of the theorem of André on the complex multiplication points on curves".

April 21: Easter Monday

April 28: Jehanne Dousse (Paris 7), "Dyson's conjecture on asymptotics for partition cranks".