Fun mathematics on Saturday mornings!

[For Senior Enrichment classes in the Spring, please visit here.]

UCD will continue to host Junior Mathematical Enrichment classes on Saturday mornings in the 2020-21 academic year. The classes are aimed at motivated first, second, third and fourth year secondary school students.

Registration for this year's classes is now closed with a massive 170 students signed up! We'll come back bigger next year. We're leaving the form open so that you can register your interest. You'll then get an email next September (and possibly before then). Register here.

The first class this Spring will be on Saturday 23th January. Classes will be online. We shall split them into two groups by year.
Classes for first and second year students will be from 10-11.
Classes for third and fourth year students will be from 11:30-12:30.

Our classes, offered by the UCD School of Mathematics and Statistics in conjunction with the Irish Mathematical Trust, are run free of charge by talented tutors and are designed to develop a sound understanding of mathematics and to improve problem-solving skills. We hope that students will develop friendships through mathematics. There is little overlap with the maths taught in school.

Our programme is open to all students who show a genuine interest in mathematics. In the file linked here you will find an exercise sheet which students should attempt before registering for the class. Only those students who have made a serious (and fun) effort should be encouraged to register for the class.

Please register here.

We gratefully acknowledge financial support from Accenture Global Solutions which enables us to hold classes this year. 2019 classes were part-funded by Science Foundation Ireland. If your company wishes to get involved, let us know.

If you want further information, send an email.