Fabio Deelan Cunden

School of Mathematics and Statistics
University College Dublin
Dublin 4

Office: G23 Science North
Email: fabio.cunden at ucd.ie


My research interests span mathematical physics and probability. In particular, I work on topics in random matrix theory, statistical physics and quantum mechanics.


B.Sc. (2009), M.Sc. (2011) and Ph.D. (2014) at Università di Bari


2014 - 2017: Research Associate at University of Bristol

2017 - 2018: Research Associate (Honorary status) at University of Bristol

2017 - 2018: Senior Researcher at University College Dublin

2018 - present: Assistant Professor (fixed term) at University College Dublin


Publications    Preprints on arXiv


Introduction to random matrices (Università di Bari, Spring 2017)

Introductory lectures on random matrices and free probability (UCD, Autumn 2017; joint with Antoine Dahlqvist)

STAT20110 - Probability Theory (UCD, first trimester 2018/19)

MST20040 - Analysis (UCD, second trimester 2018/19)

ACM30210 - Foundations of Quantum Mechanics (UCD, second trimester 2018/19) Notes

STAT20110 - Probability Theory (UCD, first trimester 2019/20; joint with Elia Bisi)

SCI10010 - Scientific Enquiry (UCD, first trimester 2019/20)

MST20050 - Linear Algebra II (UCD, second trimester 2019/20)


Probability seminars

Reading seminars

Past events

Workshop: Random Matrices and Integrable Systems, UCD, May 23, 2018 (organised with Neil O'Connell)

Workshop: Randomness and Symmetry, UCD, June 18-22, 2018 (organised with Antoine Dahlqvist and Neil O'Connell)