Professor ANTONIO LEI (University of Ottawa)

will speak on

Introduction to the Iwasawa theory of elliptic curves

Time: 2:00PM
Date: Thu 13th October 2022
Location: Seminar Room SCN 1.25 [map]

Further information

Abstract: Let E be an elliptic curve and p an odd prime number where E has good reduction. In this talk, I will introduce the central ideas of the Iwasawa theory of E over the p-adic cyclotomic extension of Q. It turns out that the natural objects arising from Iwasawa theory have very different arithmetic behaviours depending on whether E has ordinary or supersingular reduction at p. I will explain how these objects are defined and why certain of their properties depend on the reduction type of E at p.

Note: This will be Prof Lei's second talk (in a series of 3), following a colloquium talk on October 4 (Tuesday) at 4 pm (same location).

(This talk is part of the Algebra and Number Theory series.)

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