Federico Ferraccioli (University of Padua)

will speak on

Nonparametric density estimation over complicated domains and manifolds

Time: 12:00PM
Date: Mon 15th February 2021
Location: Online [map]

Abstract: The topic of this seminar is a nonparametric method for density estimation over (possibly complicated) multidimensional domains. The method combines a likelihood approach with a regularization based on a differential operator. The estimation procedure is based on advanced numerical techniques, and in particular makes use of finite elements. This ensures high computational efficiency and enables great flexibility. The proposed method efficiently deals with data scattered over regions having complicated shapes, featuring complex boundaries, sharp concavities or holes, or data scattered over curved domains, such as Riemannian manifolds. Moreover, it captures very well complicated signals having multiple modes with different directions and intensities of anisotropy.

Join Zoom Meeting: https://ucd-ie.zoom.us/j/68316324831

(This talk is part of the Working Group on Statistical Learning series.)

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