Colm Mulcahy (Spelman College, Atlanta)

will speak on

The early men of mathematics at Catholic University and UCD

Time: 4:00PM
Date: Thu 13th June 2019
Location: Seminar Room SCN 1.25 [map]

Abstract: The modern era the department of maths at UCD started in 1966 when Fergus Gaines came on board, and continued with the subsequent hiring of Tom Laffey, Dave Lewis, Sean Dineen and others. Before that that there was the Dick Timoney and Phil Gormley era. (Maurice Kennedy's years overlapped both of those periods). But who was there before these people?

This talk will survey the men who taught maths at UCD (and earlier on at Catholic University) before 1930. John Casey (whose bicentennial is in 2020) and Arthur Conway are among the most well-known names of interest in this context, but there were many others too, and some interesting but forgotten stories emerge if one digs deep.

(This talk is part of the UCD School of Mathematics and Statistics Colloquium series.)

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