Machine Learning for breeding genetics

Prolego Scientific are a UCD start-up company working on machine learning in agriculture. They work mostly with genetic data using machine learning and traditional statistical techniques to predict plant and animal performance and breeding values. There are several issues the ESGI group might be able to help Prolego with, including the ability to perform machine learning algorithms on encrypted data, and on exploring new tools (such as deep learning) for some of their existing data sets.

Short term wind portfolio output forecasting

Deliver an enhancing wind output forecasting capability by analysing the correlation between weather data and wind generation output, with the goal of further integrating renewables into a diverse electricity generation portfolio.

Liquid Wicking in Hierarchical Microstructures

What are the optimum structure morphology/size/porosity/materials for wicking/routing of liquid inside a cavity under various temperature and environment conditions?

Optimal Scheduling of Power Generation

What is the optimal scheduling of a large number of power generators that operate at varying ramp rates and have different ramp durations?